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Step into the World of Glamour with Glam Booth Rentals at Extreme Photo Booths!

Welcome to Extreme Photo Booths, your ultimate destination for Glam Booth rentals that redefine elegance at parties, weddings, and corporate events. Our cutting-edge Glam Booth, accompanied by professional attendants, is your gateway to capturing the enchantment of your event and creating memories that last a lifetime.

What is a Glam Booth?

A Glam Booth is the epitome of sophistication and interactivity, elevating the ambiance of your event to new heights. Our Glam Booth is a stunning full-length mirror integrated with technology that empowers your guests to effortlessly capture high-quality, professional-grade photos with just a simple touch.

Benefits of a Glam Booth Rental:

Interactive Experience: Immerse your guests in an interactive and engaging activity that keeps the excitement alive throughout your event.

Elegant Design: The Glam Booth is meticulously designed to be a chic and stylish addition to your event, enhancing the overall atmosphere and aesthetic.

Customization: Personalize your experience with a plethora of customization options, from custom frames to backdrops, ensuring a unique and tailored event for your guests.

Professionalism: Our team of highly trained professional attendants ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to fully enjoy your event while we take care of the details.

Why Choose Extreme Photo Booths?

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We pride ourselves on using the latest technology and top-notch equipment, guaranteeing stunning and memorable photos.

  • Quality Construction: Our Glam Booth is crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and an enduring touch of glamour.

  • Exceptional Team: The professionalism of our attendants shines through, providing the best possible experience for you and your guests.

  • Customization Options: Tailor your event with a variety of customization options, reflecting your personal style and vision.

  • Flexible Packages: Our rental packages are designed to accommodate any budget and event size, offering flexibility without compromising on quality.

  • Proven Track Record: With a history of satisfied customers, we prioritize exceptional customer service to make your experience truly remarkable.

For an event infused with elegance and sophistication, choose Extreme Photo Booths. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of Glam Booth rentals and elevate your event to extraordinary heights!

Watch The Glam Photo Booth In Action!

Unveiling the Glam Booth: Elevate Your Event with Kardashian-Style Elegance!

Welcome to the epitome of glamour – our Glam Booth, where sophistication meets style, and every photo is a timeless masterpiece. Transport your event into the realm of high fashion with our black and white Kardashian-style photos, capturing moments with unparalleled allure and sophistication.


  1. Black & White Extravaganza:

    • Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of classic black and white photography, reminiscent of Hollywood glam.
  2. Red-Carpet Ready:

    • Feel like a star on the red carpet with our Kardashian-inspired photo setup, designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.
  3. High-End Aesthetics:

    • The Glam Booth boasts a sleek and luxurious design, elevating the ambiance of any event.
  4. Professional Lighting:

    • Our booth is equipped with professional lighting to ensure each photo captures the essence of elegance and sophistication.
  5. Chic Prop Collection:

    • Choose from our curated collection of chic props to enhance your photos and express your unique style.
  6. Instant Print Gratification:

    • Enjoy instant gratification with on-the-spot high-quality prints, perfect for creating memorable keepsakes.

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  • Unforgettable Impressions: Make a lasting impression on your guests with an experience that exudes opulence and refinement.

  • Stylish Event Enhancement: Elevate the overall aesthetic of your event with a touch of high-end glamour that leaves a lasting impact.

  • Timeless Photo Keepsakes: Create timeless photo keepsakes that capture the essence of your event, ensuring memories that stand the test of time.

Emotional Benefits:

  • Confidence Boost: Our Glam Booth provides a confidence-boosting atmosphere, allowing guests to shine and express their inner glamour.

  • Connected Elegance: Foster a sense of connection and elegance as guests indulge in the glamour of the Kardashian-style photo experience.

  • Celebrity Moments: Let your guests relish in the feeling of being a celebrity, with each photo capturing a moment of pure glamour and sophistication.

Indulge in the extraordinary allure of the Glam Booth, where every snapshot tells a story of elegance, style, and timeless beauty. Reserve your Glam Booth experience now and step into a world of Kardashian-inspired sophistication!

Photo Booth Magic Mirror Rental Philadelphia PA

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Great Looking Booth

Total Interactive Fun!  Let’s have a party of a lifetime!

Philadelphia Mirror Photo Booth

Philadelphia Mirror Photo Booth Rental

Fun for all Ages

For those Tweens, Teens and older, this is a GREAT Experience!

Guests enjoying Magic Mirror Photo Booth in Philadelphia PA

Mirrorme Photo Booth Philadelphia

Great for Small or Large Groups

From singles, Doubles, Triples or as many as you can fit, you all will have fun!

Three Booths You May Want to Consider.

Guests enjoying Open Air Photo Booth in Philadelphia PA

Open Air Photo Booth Philadelphia PA

The OPEN AIR BOOTH is a photo booth without the restrictions of a booth. You get to pick the background and your guests gather in front. We have had as many as 20 people in the shot!!! This booth is a crowd pleaser!!! Lots of loud Fun!

Majestic Photo Booth Rental Philadelphia PA
Majestic Photo Booth

The Majestic Booth is our MOST popular booth!! This booth is great for all types of parties, especially Weddings. Your guests will remain standing in this booth, and we have had 13 people stuffed into this booth. The Best bang for Your Buck.
LED Glow Photo Booth

Philadelphia LED Glow Photo Booth Rental

The LED GLOW BOOTH is our newest creation. This booth is great for those colorful parties, or parties with a color theme. The booth is white and glows a solid color of your choice or rotating patterns of light. This booth is GREAT for Sweet 16’s and Bat Mitzvah’s.

2 More Extreme EXPERIENCES

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Green Screen Studio
Now your guests can travel the world, even the galaxy, while not leaving your party. Your guests can have their photo taken in front of Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower, The Great Wall of China. The options are limitless!!! We print 4″x6″ photos and place them into 5″X7″ frames for your guests.

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360 Video Spin Photo Booth

Your guests want something different? Yes, they do. And you want your party or event to be something special. This PREMIUM Booth will give you just that! Your guests get to be the center of attention, in the round with slow motion videos. Starting at $1250.

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